Book Review- The Coincidence of Coconut Cake


This book was so good! It was a really quick read, mostly because I refused to put it down.

I took it on vacation because reading on the beach is one of my favorite things to do. Of course I had to take a cup of coffee as well. You can’t tell me that the picture doesn’t look like an absolutely dreamy spot to read a well written novel.

Now onto the book.

It made me want to go visit Milwaukee, Wisconsin where it is based out of, and trust me, I have never had the desire to go there before reading this book.

Lou is one of my favorite characters that I have read about in my last few reads. She is of course the main character, and while being kind, funny, and a very talented chef, the author also notes that she has imperfections as well. I love when the author does this, it makes the story and character more relatable.

A little on the story line: Lou faces a lot of adversity. Her fiancé is a total jerk. Al is a sweetheart who has a little (very big) secret that he is hiding from Lou. Lou has a wonderful group of friends that support her through some of the hardest months of her life.

One other little note on this book. Food lovers will absolutely love this book. It is brilliant in exploring different recipes, foods, and beer.

This book made me laugh, as well as sob. It was wonderfully written in my opinion.

Good Reading- Sierra

Book Review- The Baby Plan


Oh. My. Word. 

This book is truley a gem. 

Very rarely do I find a book that can sweep me away like this one did. So much so that I finished it in two days...  

In these pages, you fall in love with all of the characters, their backgrounds and the whole storyline in general. It is written from four perspectives, which typically would throw me off a little bit. This one however, had me flipping pages, reading each point of view, and connecting it all so easily.

Kate Nobel, the author, beautifully conveyed so many emotions in the pages, all tied up in this nice neat little bow. One minutes I was laughing, the next I was angry, and then I was crying.

After it all ended, and I closed the book, I was left feeling both happy and sad at the same time. Happy with the ending but so sad it was over. I suppose those are the best kinds of books, right? 

I whole heartedly recommend this book.  



Kennedy Space Center- Florida

Why didn't the sun go to college? Because it already had a million degrees! DUH!  (hehe)

I have always been a space nerd. I love reading about dark matter, black holes, super nova's, deep space, solar storms, all of that jazz. I felt like a kid in a candy shop when we pulled up to the center and I saw the REAL rockets near the entrance, a replica shuttle a little further down, and the NASA logo literally everywhere.


The “Rocket Garden” that you see as you walk in.  

The “Rocket Garden” that you see as you walk in.  

My favroite part, which also happened to be the first thing we did, was having lunch with an astronaut who has been to space not once, not twice, but three times! It was so neat to hear him talk about how it feels to look at Earth from thousands and thousands of miles away. It was also interesting to hear him talk about learning to go to the bathroom in space, which from the sound of it, is very difficult. The food was also INCREDIBLE, and there was a ton of it. 

Later on in the day we hopped onto a bus and headed out on a tour of the Kennedy Center, which is a whopping 131 square miles.  This part held a lot of cool experiences, like seeing where SpaceX launches their rockets, and where Nasa launches theirs, along with how they get the shuttles out to the launch pad. 

The bus ends the tour by dropping you off at a building containing the actual Saturn Five shuttle, which was gigantic. It was surreal, being surrounded by so much gear, equipment and just pure history. We got to touch a real moon rock, so that was pretty rad and I think it just might have been Chance's favorite part of the whole center. 

All in all, I highly recommend visiting Kennedy if you are ever near Orlando or Cocoa beach. Even if you are not a space nerd, there is literally something here for everyone. 

The gift shops aren't too shabby either. (I spent way too much money at both of them...oooops.)


They had this really cool wall of newspaper headlines from when the U.S. was in the race to the moon. 

They had this really cool wall of newspaper headlines from when the U.S. was in the race to the moon. 

Chance and I infront of Saturn Five. The quality of the picture isn't the best due to trying to fit all of this massive shuttle into the picture. 

Chance and I infront of Saturn Five. The quality of the picture isn't the best due to trying to fit all of this massive shuttle into the picture. 

Of course i had to get a picture in-front of the retro NASA van. 

Of course i had to get a picture in-front of the retro NASA van. 


This is going to be a short blog post about the misfortunes that seem to plague me. The title of "Moonday" will make more sense by the end of this post, I swear. 

For context, before I truly start the story, I have to mention that I carry a backpack to work, not a purse. It makes life so much easier! Another piece of info in regards to the backpack is that I wear it very low. I hate having a book bag high up on my back. The last piece of info is that I work for a bank at one of the corporate locations. 

Now that you have those three pieces of information, we can begin. 

Monday, June 26th started like any normal Monday would, running late and surviving off of a few cups of coffee. It was my first full day back after vacation so I wore my favorite outfit, a cute blue dress, with my hair and makeup all done up. 

I pulled up to work running behind, so when I parked, I ran to the other side of my car, threw on my book bag, grabbed my lunch box and booked it into the building. I had to park pretty far away because I get there a little later than most people for my shift.

I start making the treck into work and notice that there is quite the breeze behind me, but assume that it is just the wind going up my dress. I keep walking, thinking nothing of the "breeze", instead thinking of how many emails I am going to have to go through.

I finally get to the front doors, near security and realize that I am really uncomfortable "back there." I reach back behind me to make sure my dress is all the way down, thinking it may have ridden up a little bit on the walk in. 


To my utter horror, my dress is not even down a little bit. It is ALL THE WAY UP, tucked under my backpack. 

I mooned literally every person behind me for the whole walk in. 

Like I said, this is a short blog post. I just had to give you all a giggle, because why be embarrassed when we can all have a good laugh out of it? 

- Sierra

P.S. YES I WEAR UNDERWEAR. Sometimes they are just skimpier than what would be practical. 



Sink Deep Love?

I am going to be honest, this may be the most outlandish title for a blog post. It will take some story telling and a lot of explanation to get to why I chose this title, but I sincerely promise that it makes sense.

Let me first start by saying that we make our dog her own food. She gets rice, eggs and chicken mixed together for each meal and she LOVES it. So on this fateful Tuesday night, I was trying to get ahead of the game and make her food early because we tend to run out right before she needs to eat. Apparently, that was not the best idea. 

I was pretty exhausted and still had to go to the gym, so after I fed her, I put the rice in water and then turned on the burner and left it to cook. Nothing unusual about that right? I went upstairs to change my clothes and love on the dog, and before I knew it (probably 40 minutes later..ooops) I heard the smoke detectors going off all through our house. Clearly I booked it downstairs, worried that there was an actual fire. 

There was no actual fire, BUT the wall of smoke I hit was something else.

This is where everything goes down hill and many, MANY mistakes were made. 

I am freaking out and run to the stove, flip off the burner and grab the rice off of it. Smart choices so far, am I right? I then run to the sink, and dump the uncooked if not partialy on fire rice down the garabage disposal which I thought was a BRILLIIANT idea. I turn on the water and start running the disposal, only it doesn’t do what I was hoping it would. 

Some of the rice goes down, but then the disposal stops and makes this AWFUL gurgle sound. Not understanding why it did that, I turn it off then flip it back on again.. and again.. and again... and again. 

The rice and water start backing up... on both sides. The disgusting water filing up higher and higher, with rice floating all around it. 

It finally stops filling up but now it won’t drain. One side will almost empty but the other side almost over flows, then the same thing happens on the other side.  

Fast forward to a half hour later, when Chance walks in with me plunging the actual living daylights out of our sink... with our bathroom plunger... singing along to One Dance by Drake and  half praying it drains at the same time.  

This was Chance's reaction when he walked through the door.

To say that he wasn't a little ticked off would be an understatement. We spent an hour trying to get it unclogged. 

Then we gave up. 

We put in a maintenance request to have them take care of it the next day. It took five hours, two men, and three different pieces of equipment to get it back to working again. I was so grateful to not only live in an apartment where we don't have to pay to have people fix things, but also to the men for not judging me while I explained what happened.

So a couple days later, I looked at Chance and asked if he still loved me with all of his heart. His response: My love for you is kitchen sink deep. (DAWWWWW HOW CUTE.) He then told me to never do it again. 

I haven't yet...



The Dirty On Being Clean

Why yes, I do understand the contradictory title above, and raise a glass to those of you who realized why I made it that way. If you don’t get why, no harm no foul, I didn’t understand it until recently and that’s why I decided to make this blog post. 

How many clean freaks do I have out there? Those of you who can’t handle shoes laying around, a toy not in a box, crumbs on the counter, a blanket folded wrong? Yeah, me too.  

I love Chance and June to death, but when I see his shoes under the coffee table instead of beside the door, or her toys strewn around the floor with stuffing coming out of them, something in me just switches. The problem with that switch is that it isn’t a good one. It is like a green scary cleaning lady who huffs as she bends over to move the shoes, or rolls her eyes at her happy dog as she squats to pick up stuffing yet again.  

I assume some of you have that same switch? A child left the milk out, or the husband threw his clothes on the floor yet again. Your roommate smudged up the mirror, while the dog tracked in mud all over your spotless floors. Sound familiar?  

I thought so.  

So here I am to give you the low down on why being clean is actually dirty. (Are you picking up on the title yet?)  

Personally, when I found myself cleaning all the time, I found that Chance and I fought a decent amount of the time and that my bitterness towards him multiplied every time he didn’t put the pants in his drawer or his glass in the sink. Yes, you all know what I am talking about. That little voice in your head that goes: “Are you ACTUALLY kidding me?!” Or says something along the lines of, “I did the dishes yesterday morning, and three times last night. Once this morning and once this afternoon, and he  can’t even put his dish in the sink? I am just going to stop doing dishes, see how he likes drinking water out of a tupperware container.” 

Side note: I read that to him and he goes “I do dishes SOMETIMES, you make it sounds like I never do them.”  So yes, he does dishes..once a week... 

So, one night, after leaving the house in a huff and going to the gym to burn off some steam over yet another argument about who sweeps the floor that night, I realized that I was being an idiot. A literal idiot. I am causing the stupidest fights in the world because I can’t look past the house being spotless and see the two people I love the most.

Let me break the above sentence down a little bit. I am missing valuable time with Chance and June because I am either yelling or complaining about the house being messy, or on my hands and knees cleaning it. It is so detrimental to my relationships to prioratize a pair of shoes over time spent talking to and loving two of my favorites. 

So if there is any advise that this twenty one year old soul can give, it is to put down the gosh dang mop and sit down with your family. Go out to dinner with your roommate, take your dog for a walk, bake cookies with your child and for Pete’s sake, let the mess be the mess it is. Don’t throw away these precious memories for fleeting joy over a floor shine. 

I am not telling you to live in a pig pen, please don’t do that. I am just saying that instead of always feeling the need to clean, work on putting aside time at the begining or end of each day to pick up around the house, or make it a family affair to do dishes and sweep after dinner before the toys come out. Once a week set aside a deep cleaning day, my day is Friday, and Chance knows that when he wakes up Saturday, the house is imaculent. 

Maybe this isn’t your style and hey, that’s totally fine. Personally though, I would rather enjoy myself then stress out over spilt milk.  

Until next time my dear friends