Whole30- Seven Day Review

Hey guys!

I totally plan to write another blog post about writing this week but I feel like my life has been overtaken by Whole30. Totally in a good way…. mostly…probably…

So I am now on day eight, and let me just tell you, seven days of no sweets, or mac and cheese, or burgers has been downright hard. About every ten minutes I am craving something new. Right now it’s a cinnamon roll, mac and cheese and a giant double cheeseburger from Five Guys. Last night all I wanted was to take all of the icing off of the cakes at the grocery story and eat it. I haven't gone this long without sugar in I can’t tell you how long.

It’s gotten easier with my main meals and snacks and figuring out what to eat for sure. The hard part is when I’m crying at the grocery store because I want all of these things I can’t have. It sounds pathetic but it truly is a mind game, at least that’s how I feel. I can’t have sweets and that’s all I want. I can’t have anything greasy and now it’s all I can think about. I have dreams about cupcakes and cheese sticks. It sucks man.

Real talk, I don’t eat mac and cheese, or cheese sticks, or icing, or cinnamon rolls or any of this junk every day or once a week, or even once a month. I eat unbelievably clean unless it’s a cheat meal. It’s weird having all of these cravings for things I literally never eat. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m used to being able to say, “Hey I am cheating, let’s go get doughnuts.” I can't say that right now.

On the positive side:

I will say that my head feels so clear, I am not bloated in the slightest, and I have so much energy. These things have been awesome benefits to this whole30 thing and they are what’s keeping me going. Well that and I can’t quit when I am literally documenting this for the whole internet to follow.

I am very anxious/ excited to weigh in when this is all over.

Another side note, I have been SO SICK. I am really excited to see how I feel when I am back at 100% and crushing my workouts and doing this Whole30 thing.

Okay that’s all for now.

Adios amigos!