A Day In Columbus-Things to Do and Eat.


I love living in Columbus, Ohio. The sports are great, the food scene is the best out there and just keeps getting better, and the craft brew is abundant. I figured, why not make a post dedicated to my beautiful city? Here are some places to stop by and some things to do if you’re ever in Columbus and find yourself needing some ideas.

  • Fox In The Snow Cafe- This is my favorite coffee shop in all of Columbus. The people are friendly, the vibes are awesome and the coffee and pastries are to die for. My favorite order: The New Orleans Iced Coffee and Egg Sandwich.

They have three locations: German Village, Italian Village, and New Albany.

  • The Book Loft- Holy cow guys. If you are a reader like me, this place is heaven. 32 rooms stuffed to the brim with new books, almost all discounted. They have every book you could think of and getting to each room, and out for that matter is like a giant puzzle. I could, and have, spent hours here. It just feels magical being surrounded by books on all sides.

  • Stauf’s Coffee Roasters- This is another awesome coffee shop. Their coffee beans are literally to die for. I like buying them in bulk and then using them for my french press coffee in the mornings. They have an awesome selection of roasts when you are getting black coffee, and I absolutely love their cold brew.

    They have three locations: Grandview, German Village, The North Market

  • Dirty Franks- Holy cow. My mouth is watering just looking at the food above. This place has the BEST hotdogs, french fries, tater tots and corn dogs around. They have a pretty stellar tap list as well. The best part? It is so stinking inexpensive. I get a beer, two hot dogs, and fries and the man gets a pop, a corn dog, a hot dog and tater tots and our meal is only like 23.00! How crazy is that?! For those of you who are vegan/vegetarian, their veggie dogs are so good they have literally won awards.

I hope you all have enjoyed this post about a few things to do in Columbus! Leave a comment telling me your favorite thing to do in your city!