So You Want To Be An Author- Day Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven and Twelve

Hey there!

I hope your new years is off to an excellent start!

I wanted to give you all an update of how this book is going since I have clearly missed a few days….ooops.

I haven’t done a ton of writing lately but I have gotten a lot of the key components squared away in my notebook. I have an outline, the names of places, the names of some of the characters and even some of their characteristics/mannerisms figured out, it is all coming together slowly but surely! Dreaming this stuff up is how I stay sane at work to be honest. It also helps immensely that I follow so many amazing authors on blogs and instagram.


I wish I had more actually written. If I had to be totally truthful, and I like to be on here, I have been a little..upset with my work? Is that the term I am looking for? I just reread what I already have written and it just flat out makes me so sad. Am I that bad of an author? Why do I spell so horribly that not even auto correct can save me? Why is my grammar like a four year olds? WHY? WHY? WHY?

I have read a lot of blog posts though, that say to not get discouraged over your first draft, and to NEVER REREAD IT. Not until you are done writing it at least. I am going to try that from this point forward. I’ll keep you all posted.

My goal is to have the first three chapters done this month and I am not sure if I am on pace to hit that goal or not. I do have a few days off coming up where I am going to literally lock myself in my office and just write until I have no more word flow. I am also going to make sure I have an abundance of snacks and coffee. (DUH)

I will be back on in a day or two with another update. You guys rock.