This is going to be a short blog post about the misfortunes that seem to plague me. The title of "Moonday" will make more sense by the end of this post, I swear. 

For context, before I truly start the story, I have to mention that I carry a backpack to work, not a purse. It makes life so much easier! Another piece of info in regards to the backpack is that I wear it very low. I hate having a book bag high up on my back. The last piece of info is that I work for a bank at one of the corporate locations. 

Now that you have those three pieces of information, we can begin. 

Monday, June 26th started like any normal Monday would, running late and surviving off of a few cups of coffee. It was my first full day back after vacation so I wore my favorite outfit, a cute blue dress, with my hair and makeup all done up. 

I pulled up to work running behind, so when I parked, I ran to the other side of my car, threw on my book bag, grabbed my lunch box and booked it into the building. I had to park pretty far away because I get there a little later than most people for my shift.

I start making the treck into work and notice that there is quite the breeze behind me, but assume that it is just the wind going up my dress. I keep walking, thinking nothing of the "breeze", instead thinking of how many emails I am going to have to go through.

I finally get to the front doors, near security and realize that I am really uncomfortable "back there." I reach back behind me to make sure my dress is all the way down, thinking it may have ridden up a little bit on the walk in. 


To my utter horror, my dress is not even down a little bit. It is ALL THE WAY UP, tucked under my backpack. 

I mooned literally every person behind me for the whole walk in. 

Like I said, this is a short blog post. I just had to give you all a giggle, because why be embarrassed when we can all have a good laugh out of it? 

- Sierra

P.S. YES I WEAR UNDERWEAR. Sometimes they are just skimpier than what would be practical.