Book Review- The Baby Plan


Oh. My. Word. 

This book is truley a gem. 

Very rarely do I find a book that can sweep me away like this one did. So much so that I finished it in two days...  

In these pages, you fall in love with all of the characters, their backgrounds and the whole storyline in general. It is written from four perspectives, which typically would throw me off a little bit. This one however, had me flipping pages, reading each point of view, and connecting it all so easily.

Kate Nobel, the author, beautifully conveyed so many emotions in the pages, all tied up in this nice neat little bow. One minutes I was laughing, the next I was angry, and then I was crying.

After it all ended, and I closed the book, I was left feeling both happy and sad at the same time. Happy with the ending but so sad it was over. I suppose those are the best kinds of books, right? 

I whole heartedly recommend this book.